The Ten Shaolin Laws

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In Henan province, China, Shaolin Kung fu was first practiced and developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple. During the years Shaolin martial arts has spread all over China and all over the world. It didn’t take very long until different styles of Shaolin Kung fu developed. Shaolin practitioners and enthusiast talk about the southern and northern styles but also the Changquan (long range) and Duanda (short range) styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. The northen and the southern styles are geographically based and is determined on specific mounting locations in China. Changquan (long range) and Duanda (short range) styles are two technically different styles.

Nowdays there are many institutes teaching Shaolin Kung Fu to whoever wants to participate, lika in any other martial art like mma, boxning och different kinds of wrestling. Back in the days there were only Shaolin munks who did practice Shaolin Kung fu. The Shaolin Munks lived by very strict rules and followed the Ten Shaolin Laws. The monks life is just all about mediation and the practise of Shaolin Kung Fu.  These laws are non religious, which mean that anyone could join a shaloin monastery if he lived by these ten rules. They live their whole lifes in the monestry where they got everything they need. All from food, shelter, massage, and books. There is a special massage called the “shaolin monks massage” which is performed by shaolin monks. This kind of medical rhythmic massage is a very effective way to treat soreness from the hard shaolin training.  The shaolin way is not just about the physical activity that comes whit Kung Fu, its also about achieving spiritual fulfilment, to silent the mind and joyful livning. The martial art is a way of meditation using the mind and bodys energi to perform movements whit precision. Its all about attaining the the best results possible in life in general. Unlike many other laws, The Ten Shaolin Laws has no legal binding. That means that no one can be prosecuted or arrested if one doesnt follow the Ten Laws. If you commit to the ten laws is more of a moral binding. No one is ever forced to follow, instead the follower accepts the master beacause he believe that the master can help him to achieve his goals when it comes to the spirutal, mental and emotional progress. If a Shaolin diciple break some of the ten Shaolin Laws he wont get punished but most likely be asked to leave the monestry and the shaolin training for life.

That was just a brief article about Shaolin Kung Fu, i will write  in more detail soon! Im really sore after todays training so im going for a massage at massage göteborg. Today I will rest and let the benefits of the massage heal my sore body.



Shaolin Strength

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This video shows the true shailon way of strength and martial arts training. Stay tuned for more information and more videos about martial arts and training!